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Rockasorri Music Experience

The Rockasorri Music Enrichment program will bring joy and music education to your school! Our program will have your students singing, moving, and making music. Rockasorri applies Montessori Principles to early childhood music programming. There are many benefits to early childhood music education. Our goal is to inspire and create a love for learning music in our young children. We do not want to entertain children. We want to teach children that the music comes from within their soul. In other words…they are the music.

Our teachers come prepared with instruments and many beautiful songs, some new and refreshing and many classics re-imagined. Many of our songs teach respect, courtesy, and peace. Using various methods, your students will learn the beat, rhythm patterns, accompaniment variations, and more. With song and tonal patterns our teachers will help children with ear training and melodic interpretation. And with movement your students will learn to feel the music from within. Our teachers are talented musicians who come prepared to sing and make music with your students in a loving and peaceful way.


Our In-school Music experience program is based on our unique Patent Pending ‘Elemental Learning Music System’. A Rockasorri graded facilitator is sent to the school to create a music experience for both children and teachers. With a keen focus on child development through musical inspiration, our program aims to foster a sense of community that encourages children to express their feelings and emotions in a friendly and tender environment. We use songs and exercises to:

  • Nurture sitting and standing motions

  • Facilitate Instrument exposure

  • Aid development of Manners, Self-control and build a Child’s confidence.

  • Drive alphabet, numerical, language, cultural and practical life literacy.

Rockasorri is dedicated to connecting with children according to their individual needs and abilities.

Rockasorri programs range from 4 weeks to an entire school year session.

In school Ukulele Experiences

Using actual serious instruments perfectly sized for children we create a meaningful music exposure for little ones and lay the foundation for a deeper love of expression, mathematics, and cooperation

We bring 4 different voice type ukuleles

  • baritone
  • tenor
  • alto
  • soprano

Original programing created a child education expert who is a well versed composer and classical guitarist.  Utilizing what is idiomatic to the instrument , our teacher makes the experience musical even at its most basic level.


Rockasorri Mommy & Me program sessions are a super charged version of the In-school programs conducted by Rockasorri. The sessions are also based on the our Patent-pending ‘Elemental Music Learning System’ which aids in child’s mental and emotional development through music. Our intuitive facilitators create a tender environment for kids, revamp classic songs and get everyone composing, singing and  playing. Each session has

  • Exposure to different music and different instruments.
  • A musical version of classic literature pieces.
  • Microphone play, that awakes the quietest of the voices.
  • Movement practices.
  • Group composition.
  • Real-time group audio recording, that’s available after the class, upon request.

$25 per session (each session is 45 minutes) when signing up for a 10 session package.

As in all of our programs, the facilitators keep a keen eye for ensuring respect, tolerance, love and compassion.

Rockasorri is dedicated to connecting with children according to their individual needs and abilities.

Email for more details, custom pricing or visit for more information.

Ukulele & ME Program

Come Pluck and Strum with your little one..

Original programming created by a unique collaboration of child education experts and a classic Guitarist. Children are taught using 4 different types of ukuleles (Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano) that are perfectly sized for kids. The program is also based on our unique ‘Elemental Music Learning System’

As in all of our programs, the facilitators keep a keen eye for ensuring respect, tolerance, love and compassion.

$25 per class when registering for 4 week packages running in 45 minutes a class per week


Teaching basic music theory, we help guide children through a composition process of their own. Students will learn how to count syllables and to create and write their own lyrics. They will also develop a melody and learn how to harmonize with the melody using modern technology. Our teacher will facilitate the recording of their creation. 


Let Rockasorri help start an orchestra or ensemble program at your school. Our teachers can teach privately or in small groups basic notes on many different instruments and then bring the groups and soloists together to create an orchestra or ensemble. We can even recommend and aid in an instrument rental package.

Curriculum and Teacher Training

Rockasorri offers a unique service with our curriculum and training model. Our composers and curriculum coordinator will create a unique music program just for you and your school. Taking traditional songs and original compositions we can create an easy to follow curriculum that your teachers can follow after simple training sessions.