Here are all the prices for our party add-ons


Puppet show

Our puppet show is a delightful accompaniment for our musician. We will follow a story line based on the theme of the party and the guest of honor. Puppets interact with the party audience and a great laugh is had by all. We bring a puppeteer, stage, puppets, props, and sound system.





Bubble Dance Karaoke


We bring a bubble machine and some fun tunes to sing along with. Kids dance and sing along while bubbles fill the air! It’s a blast! (best for outdoor parties!)





Craft Session


Create magic wands, royal crowns, or your own puppets!


$100 for up to eight kids. Add on $10 for each additional child.



Custom original song for the celebrated boy or girl


We will create a song especially for the celebrated guest of honor based on their name, and things they love the most. This will be performed by our musician at the party and you will also get a recording of the song!





Zany dress up video


We bring a trunk of dress up clothes and your kids get to play and imagine while we capture a video of all the antics. Guided activities will ensure so a great time will be had by all, and a wonderful keepsake video will be the result. The final video will be sent to you 1-2 weeks after the party.





Fantasy photo booth


We bring props and a frame. Capture fun moments with your guests and encourage them to smile, laugh, and make silly faces for you to remember the big day!